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Happy Cynical Bastard

Life's always better with a mustache!

Really don’t need tonight.

Someone should get me out of the house and love me.

Romance, no matter how miniscule and meaningless, always depresses me.

also i’m coming down with something.


well it was nice while it lasted…

Loneliness has been a stale white shirt crumpled
at the far end of the desert,
and I hope you don’t wear it for too long.
You make me so brave, even from a distance.
I wish my heart could grow arms to embrace you at night,
I wish that it could hang with one arm loose at your neck
and one wrapped around your waist
as you slept,
like a tangled cape.
I wish there were a way for me to manifest this as a tangible thing -
even an ornamental cat, or a lost earring, but the only thing there is
is you and me,
and sometimes it’s nearly enough.
Don’t feel lonely too hard or too long. You walk
like love, dressed in dark, blundering and strong,
and I hope you keep it up.

you walk like love | ishani jasmin (via ishanijasmin)


Grimes @ Pitchfork Festival, Chicago IL.Photo by Roberto Loerzel 

she is actually a real life angel


Grimes @ Pitchfork Festival, Chicago IL.
Photo by Roberto Loerzel 

she is actually a real life angel

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This show is why I have issues


More than half of these horrified me as a child

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